The ZODBC Connector is  designed to help streamline and simplify access to your enterprise data by implementation of the industry standard, ODBC Supporting both relational and non-relational file systems, ZODBC works seamlessly with most development tools, report writers and business intelligent products.



Supported Databases and File Types*:
  • C-Isam
  • D-Isam
  • T-Isam
  • Relative
  • Sequential
  • Text
  • XBase
  • Most COBOL file types

Supported Server-Side Operating Systems*:

  • Linux (Fedora, Redhat)
  • Unix (AIX, SCO)
  • Windows (2000, 2003, XP)


*If you require access to a database, file type, or from an operating system not listed above, please contact a Zortec representative.



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 Flat File Access - Access your flat file data through the popular interface known as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

 Ad-Hoc Constructs  - View, query, and modify your data through the industry accepted Structured Query Language (SQL).

 Server Side Processing - All selection filtering and processing done at the server level thus eliminating unnecessary network traffic and client processing.

 Logic Optimization - Built in optimizer reduces processing time dramatically based on selection logic.

 Disparate Database Support - Access D-Isam, T-Isam, C-Isam, Sequential, Relative, or any other System-Z supported database.