A must for every new developer to learn the basic concepts, programming techniques and tools to create powerful, portable business applications. Some of the things you will accomplish:

Create your first Z program within the first hour of class.

Design and build a Data Dictionary from scratch.

Learn about Z power verbs, keywords, and compiler directives.

Discover the helpful features of the Z Debugger.

Create a Z Menu system to access your applications.

An introduction to the utilities, keywords and standards for developing GUI-based, System Z applications for Windows. Some of the things you will accomplish:

Transform a character-based Z program into a program running in Windows within the first hour of class.

Using our graphic utility tools, you'll add check boxes and other Window conventions to your Z programs.

Explore the user friendly features of the GUI version of the System Z environment.

Learn the syntax of the Z Programmer's Toolkit subroutines written specifically for Windows.


An introduction to the techniques and conventions used to turn your existing System Z applications into e-Business solutions @ Internet speed. Some of the things you will accomplish:

Gain an understanding of steps needed to Web enable System Z applications and deploy them on the Internet.

Explore the choices available with automatically generated HTML screens and how easy it is to add functionality without rewriting any source code to your programs.

Learn how to integrate external screens created with tools such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage into System Z Web applications.


The perfect class for Z developers who want to enhance their programming techniques, get an in-depth overview of the features found in the latest release of System Z, or advance their skills in any aspect of the System Z Development. This course is right for you if:

Have completed the Introduction to System Z class and want to learn more advanced features of the System Z Development environment.

Have recently upgraded to the latest version of System Z and would like to learn how to take advantage of all the latest features.

Need help with a programming project and want to use the expertise and one-on-one assistance of Zortec's technical staff.

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