Despite the hype surrounding new development tools such as Java and .Net, COBOL applications remain the backbone of business applications. With more than 200 billion lines of code running thousands of businesses worldwide, many companies are faced with the challenge of modernizing their legacy applications. Some choose to rewrite in other languages, while others replace their systems with packaged software.

Today there’s no reason to have to rewrite, replace, or continue to settle for a 40 year old language. By using TranZform, organizations can fully leverage their investments in COBOL, while reaping the benefits of a new look and feel with improved flexibility and functionality...all without starting over or rewriting!

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Extends life of legacy applications

Converts legacy systems to RAD environment

Retains all business rules, function and logic

Gain new functionality and flexibility

Integrate with new technologies

Deploy on any hardware/OS with any user interface… without rewriting