Today’s competitive business world demands that companies work faster, smarter and harder. While increasing employee productivity is important across the board, nowhere is it more critical than within the IT department. Delivering timely business information to senior management is an invaluable asset to any company, empowering the corporate team to make strategic decisions critical to its long-term success.

Zortec offers a powerful suite of cross-platform development tools and deployment options guaranteed to increase the productivity of your IT team. By using System Z, an advanced rapid application development environment, developers will dramatically cut their application development cycles and reduce their code by up to 1000%, helping them deliver the fastest results possible.

“We selected System Z because of its ability to run on multiple platforms with the same source code. It’s RAD environment enables us to quickly respond to our clients needs and we depend on it to cut time to market for our application software products.”

Mike Silver
Vice President of Software Development
Rental Sales and Software Services, Texas