Figuring out what to do with legacy software systems is probably the most common problem facing businesses today. While several companies have made a mad dash to throw them out, most companies have discovered that rewriting or replacing their applications is not the most cost effective solution.

Zortec provides a suite of cross platform development tools designed to help companies extend the functionality of their existing applications and make the most of their technology assets. Rehosting legacy applications to new platforms and databases is a seamless process using our TranZform toolkit and Data Gateways. Those same legacy applications can run seamlessly on the Web using our Web Portal and Thin Client…all without changing your code.

“When we decided to move our existing applications to the Web, we selected the Z Web Portal because it allows our System Z applications to use web pages to provide powerful, consolidated and well-formatted reports. Z Web Portal pages integrate easily with our other web based systems making cross system reporting as simple as adding an iframe. For integration on the Web, Z Web Portal is the only tool I need.”

Joseph J. Kane
Senior Systems Analyst
Chatham County ICS, Georgia

“Since converting our legacy COBOL Manufacturing System to System Z, our software development time has improved 300%. We can now produce a 10-line System Z program to perform a task that would have taken 200 lines of code in our old COBOL system. This has brought development lead times down dramatically and thus the user perception of the IT department has improved.”

John Rankin
IT Manager, Silcraft Pty. Ltd.