ZStudio is Zortec International?s next generation development environment combining the power of the System Z language with a completely new IDE that includes robust tools for source code editing, dictionary development, data browsing, report generation, and platform independent screen creation into a single coherent graphical environment running on a client-server based framework.

A Server Centric Graphical Approach to Integrated Development.


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Server Centric

Source Code Editor with Context Highlighting and Keyword Help.

Remote Program Compilation.

Run and Test Programs remotely.

Built-in Resource Editor.

Deploy Applications on Multiple Platforms.

Record Definition Editor.

Edit Referential Integrity.

Edit Datanames as well as their Calculation and Validation logic.

Manage Environment and Workspace Synonyms.

Function and Subroutine Editor with in-line Source Code Editing.

Manipulate Data for Testing and Analytics.

Export Data to Excel.

Create Reports with features like Embeded Subsets from Disparate Sources.

Access your System-Z Menu and all of its features.