Creating professional business forms has never been easier! With the new Z FormBuilder, you can create, modify and print advanced Windows forms direct from your System Z applications. This powerful, easy-to-use, form printing tool allows you to quickly create the graphically rich documents and forms often required for today?s complex business applications.

Here?s how it works...Z FormBuilder, a companion product to System Z for Windows, provides a flexible print form editor and designer, while adding form support capabilities to the System Z compiler. This means that developers have the choice of designing and painting print forms with the editor or creating them on the fly using System Z syntax.

Integrates with System Z for Windows development environment

Includes an advanced form designer

Allows you to use your own preprinted forms by scanning and embedding images into a Z FormBuilder form definition

Provides print preview capability

Uses System Z syntax to build forms dynamically without pre-designing them

Supports virtually all standard Windows print drivers

Easily creates Adobe PDF, JPG images or sends faxes with products such as WinFax

Offers a simple, easy form building solution...much easier than programming complex control characters or building forms with HTML